As the name states, 'Become an Information Filter and a Knowledge Sponge.' On-your daily journey to reach your WHY, you'll travel through a variety of avenues and sometimes you'll consider, 'Why do I have to meet this person or experience this condition'? The main element is always to certainly recognize that you need to become an information filter and use your personal God-given filters -- your eyes and your ears. I always say that you're born with 4 inputs (2 eyes, 2 ears) and 1 output (mouth).

When you choose to turn into a filter and filter through most of the data that's taken in through your inputs, you will start to find solutions to the reasons for many activities in your life. What you learn from each situation that you experience would be the foundation for future decisions. Our view is that 'every failure is just a stepping stone to success, which can be a really long and beautiful stone path to the fortress of one's dreams.' Very simply, this quote means out of every failure you'll filter information that will encourage you to make smarter decisions based o-n information you learned from your own personal problems!

You'll be amazed at the information you get, as you start to realize you must develop into a filter - hear and observe more than you talk. Being a filter, you will allow yourself to reach your WHY, along with when you combine learning to be a information sponge! Being a knowledge sponge is very simple. You have to involve yourself in the information of the number 1 people within your field of endeavor. When I first became a supplier in a direct sales organization, I just did some research and found out what the earners in direct sales/network marketing were doing. As I result, I broke all records and built huge sales companies. To study additional information, people might wish to glance at: remington calendars. Like is a majestic online database for more concerning the reason for this concept. I was nothing special, but the practices I used were special because they were shown to work. Remember, the people are those who realize they are not the brightest or the best.

Every day that you embark upon your journey toward your Why, you must be regularly absorbing as much information as possible. Success leaves clues, and usually it is a long listing of failures followed with one important success. I can tell you that when you've at the moment are questioning your actions and failed previously, just become an information filter and knowledge sponge. Your four inputs to be utilized by start and before you know it, you will succeed and hit the mark! I highly suggest listening to positive personal develop-ment tapes and reading some positive material EACH AND EVERYDAY in order to cover your sponge with the correct knowledge!

Discover your WHY and Fly!

John D-i Lemme