Bathroom vanity will certainly exite the creative renovator

Replacing a worn-out or obsolete bathroom counter can be a quick and dramatic approach to clean-up a bathroom. With a little planning and a step-by-step method, you can c-omplete this modification per day. Actually, the largest challenge could be just deciding which counter to purchase. For alternative viewpoints, consider checking out: nirvana penthouse hard rock.

Here are the measures you will need to check out for adding your bathroom vanity, Turn off the water and remove the supply, make use of a bucket to catch any water that drips from the supply lines and the p-trap the white circular tube in the middle.

Loosen the wall having a utility knife and the caulk involving the bathroom mirror. You might have to get all the way right down to the ground on the sides to remove all the caulk. To get one more perspective, consider looking at: small blue arrow. Remove the countertop cautiously in order to not damage the wall, you will need an assistant for this stage, especially if the countertop is significant.

Loosen the screws attaching the lavatory vanity to-the wall. A cordless screwdriver helps it be easier to try this step. Remove the screws, being careful not to strip them. Remove the old vanity. Identify the wall studs and make marks for new screw holes. Make the marks for the men somewhat higher than the the surface of the mirror.

It is crucial to be sure the bathroom mirror is flush against the wall. You may need to make use of shims and a carpenter's level for this stage. After the counter is positioned, add it to the wall with 2-1/2' wallboard screws.

Install the new tap, before-you fix the new bath-room mirror top. It'll make the job go faster in the long haul, and it's one less time that you'll have to get under the sink. Use tub-and-tile caulk to secure the bathroom mirror top to the bottom.

Reconnect the plumbing this really is also a good chance to change the p-trap. Teflon record makes the connections easier and tighter. Carefully use a thin type of caulk around the counter sides. Be careful with this job, the caulk will soon be highly visible, therefore tidiness really counts..