How To Make Money With Your Personal Digital Associate Business

And that means you need to start your own personal virtual assistant company. Good! I assume you want to start your own VA business not merely to own your own business, but also to produce money. More and more businesses are outsourcing and spending VAs, and there is no reason you cant be one of these.

Youve got your business name, all of the office equipment you-need, and youve got the determination to create your business a success. So now the major problem is, how do you start finding consumers?

Which kind of Services Are You Going To Provide?

Most of us have specific places where our skills and interests lie. You have so many options as to what parts you wish to special in. Theres a good chance you already have experience in some of the specialty areas. Perhaps you dont even understand most of the areas VAs are working in.

Heres only a small sample of the ser-vices you could offer:


Writing ser-vices (technical or creative)

Proof-reading and editing, re-search (online or old-fashioned)


Bill spending

Basic site design

Newsletter distribution

Memory companies

Function planning

Helper services


Knowledge processing/data administration

Desk-top writing

Transcription ser-vices

Mail and e-mail ser-vices

Telephone/fax ser-vices

Internet services


Getting ser-vices

Marketing ser-vices

Private ser-vices

Once you know the kinds of services you are going to offer, its time-to find you some consumers.

Things to Charge

It isnt too hard to figure out what to charge. Begin by calling local support service organizations in your town. Ask them if they are able to send you a cost list. Get some to learn what everyone is receiving. You dont want to charge a lot of and you dont want to under value yourself so you seem like you dont do good work. Discover the happy medium and opt for that amount. Costs are not set in stone. Therefore be it, when you yourself have to alter your prices later on.

Get Some Good Company Cards

Ensure you get your business cards straight away, if you wish to look professional. You never know when you may meet a person who needs the ser-vices youre offering. All you need to do is take out your card and hand it to them, when that point comes. Never be without your business cards!

Below are a few good sites where you could get business cards from free to as low as $10 for 250 cards. (Select FREE business cards)

(Take to them out for free)

Tell Your Circle of Friends and Family About Your Organization

Dont forget to tell them about your VA company, as you already have a relationship with your friends and family. While your brother mightn't need your services, theres a great chance that he might know somebody who does. You may start network immediately with those you already know.

Think about designing a letter or over-sized postcard about your service and deliver it to every one you know. Maybe also incorporate a image of your-self, the name of one's business, the ser-vices you offer and ask that when they cant use your service, to please propose your business to other people who might. If you send a letter, add a number of your business cards for passing onto your possible customers.

Send Press Releases

A news release is a great way to start out your company off with a bang. I do want to mention here though a news release is not something you just send out when you open your organization. Ill talk more concerning this a little later.

Below are a few good places to get templates: and press release tips

Where to send your press releases:

- Local Newspapers

- Local Company Journals

- Local Radio Talk Shows

- Local TELEVISION News Programs

Websites to send your news release for free:

PrWeb is free and you can pick what place you want your press release

to be distributed to.

Other reasons to distribute a press release:

Youre offering a new company

Starting a website for the company

Youve won a high profile client consideration or contract

the others thought it couldnt be achieved youve had an unusual challenge or difficulty and over come it; especially. This interesting URL has diverse disturbing suggestions for the reason for it.

You take part in a fund-raising event or you are to serve in a charity.

Youre offering or sponsoring a workshop, class, or discussion

If youre changing the business name, site, web address, or product name

Im The Clear Answer to Your Problem

Persuading your potential customers they should hire you could seem a little scary initially. But when you develop more consumers, and they start telling you just what a godsend you are, your confidence level will soar.

Here are a few genuine tips to con-sider

- Tell your potential client why they require you. Perhaps you work unusual hours, or you've very reasonable rates. Review the services you provide and why you're so great at what you do.

- Explain to your client what abilities you possess, your background, and your training.

- You can help your client catch-up over a back-log of work that other employees arent able to make it to. This dynamite article has a pile of stylish warnings for when to acknowledge it.

- You offer paid off costs and expenses to your client. They dont have to pay you rewards or sick time.

- You will help their business grow along with your marketing methods.

- Because of the technology that's currently available, utilizing your services will save you the client money. Explain that you just reduce overhead. To discover more, please consider checking out: prweb. They just pay you for work accomplished. They arent spending someone if there is no work to accomplish. Plus your customer doesnt need to pay for sick or holiday time, or for health benefits.

It won't be long until youre confidence, brilliant and strong, shines through. You wont have any problems explaining to a future client that you're the right person for your job, or that you're the solution to their problems.

So What're You Waiting For?

Earning money in a personal assistant business can be carried out. Regular VAs are making about $38.000 per year. In 2013, why cant that VA be you?

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