Teach Your Pet Commands Within This Order

    Sagiri Izumi
    By Sagiri Izumi

    I bought your book about two weeks before. Finally, someone has written an exercise book that makes sense. Good Job...bet it took plenty of time-to put most of it together, huh?

    The reason I'm writing to you is because I am confused about some things that cope with training the down/stay and sit/stay. Dig up more about The High Search For Universal V\u2026 | charl83pale23 by browsing our stirring article. Tell me if this seems like I've it right:

    First, teach her (your dog) how-to do the demand doing repetitions and putting her in the correct place immediatel... Dig up further about visit site by browsing our commanding site.

    Precious Adam:

    I purchased your book about a couple of weeks ago. Finally, some body has written an exercise book that makes sense. Good Job...bet it took lots of time to put all it together, huh?

    The main reason I am writing to you is because I am confused about some items that deal with teaching the down/stay and sit/stay. Tell me if this seems like I've it right:

    First, show her (the dog) how-to do the command doing reps and putting her in the correct place just after saying the command. Then, working up to the stage you can only stand up straight and have her respond.

    Next, work-up time and distance adding disturbances and training in various areas.

    Finally, visit the long range and then the bill to obtain reliability off-leash.

    [Adam:] Actually, you need to start prevention for disturbances first, then proceed to greater distances... but only progress to greater distances using the long range. Minus the long line, guess what might happen?

    This is the way I understand the process from what I have read in your book.

    Should I move ahead to another stage when the command is performed by my dog quickly and properly for one work out or keep drilling her without adding anything new?

    [Adam:] It is going to simply take a whole lot more than one work out. If the dog understands some thing, it is situational. So you will have to work the same exercise... at the sam-e point inside the program... In many different locations before-you are prepared to go onto the next phase.

    During prevention, is it okay to add distractions during the dogs after the dog does the order for me personally a couple of times properly without being corrected learning stage?

    [Adam:] You are confusing a few things. Is the puppy in the understanding phase, or is he inside the phase? The 2 are extremely different. Do not move onto one stage until you have acquired the other.

    Here is the order: Learning phase - reinforcement phase - proofing phase.

    How long does it just take the 'average' dog to become shown a new command and proofed in it?

    [Adam:] That is difficult to answer. It depends upon the teacher, the dog, the exercise, the location, how often the dog is worked, etc... You let the dog tell you when it is time. For this reason studying your dog is so impor-tant. Consumers is a forceful online library for more about where to engage in this thing. It takes as long as it takes. Visit Site includes more about the meaning behind it.

    Would you teach the down/stay and sit/stay in a single program or separately?

    [Adam:] Separately.

    In what order should I train my dog new directions?

    [Adam:] Walk-on a loose leash, border and edge instruction, sit-stay, down-stay, heel, then come. The order that commands are taught by you is not created in stone, but I find that doing it in this way permits a very natural flow and learning progression.

    Sorry my letter is so long...any instruction you can give me is greatly appreciated...oh, by the way I enjoy the book.

    Thank you ;)


    Brandee N.

    That is all for now, people!